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Oregon Tractor Pullers Sled

Based off a 1963 International LoadStar COE truck, the Oregon Tractor Pullers purchased their own sled in 2017.  Part of a 5 year plan envisioned back in 2012, the dream became a reality to lower costs, give the club flexibility and secure a long term future for tractor pulling.

How it works:  When the sled is pulled down the track, the weight box begins to move forward, putting more weight on the pan underneath the cab.  As friction increases, the sled becomes more difficult to pull and the object of pulling is distance.  Whoever can pull the sled the farthest in their class is the winner.



Oregon Tractor Pullers is one of the oldest tractor pulling clubs in the Northwest and is a non-profit organization.  The club is dedicated to the preservation and competitive use of antique farm equipment.  Tractor pulling, garden tractor pulling and truck pulling are the main events, and the club motto is "There is a Class for Everyone".


Bill Zimmerman - President    ​360-903-2481

Joe Shaver - Vice President  503-369-6474

Zack Peterson - Secretary     541-231-4162